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Tag, Tag, Tag

Okay, tengok tajuk pun nak termuntah-muntah dah kauorang kan? haha.. ada lagi yang masih tag aku okay. jangan main-2 taww. :P okay dah jum started :-

Suhaida questions :-

1.Do you realy love anyone and why ?
> Of course because for no reasons:)

2.What was the happiest thing in your life ?
> Spend time with family and him ♥

3.The worst thing you ever did in school ?
> Ponteng kelas. perkara biasa dah tu xD

4.What subject you enjoy ?
> Seni. :P

5.During the holidays what would you do if you only stay at home ?
> Online 24 hours. :D

6. Would you like science and math ?
> Soalan ni macam memerli pun ada xD yes but a lil bit.

7. Blogging or Facebook ?
> kalau twitter camna pula? 

8.What are the characteristics of your dream man ?
> Cute, babyfaced, most important is loyalty

9.Chocolate or Ice cream ?
> Chocolate

10. You like to be friends with me ? why ?
> Of course yes, dear. it because we can be a friends:)

11. what would you do if a cat stealing your fish ?
> act like nothing happend :D

*yawning* malam ni aku ngantuk gila, nak tidur~ --'


The End

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