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You can take, you can use this tutorial but please credit to me okay? Just put my name on it if you don't want to link me. Thank you :)

Tutorial : Hidden shoutbox (with shoutbox button)
Tutorial : Sparkle cursor
Tutorial : Cute cursor
Tutorial : Cute favicon
Tutorial : Title post bergerak
Tutorial : Float shoutbox
Tutorial : Link hover
Tutorial : Snow effect
Tutorial : Link pelangi
Tutorial : Title header bergerak
Tutorial : Tab menu
Tutorial : Cute icon sebelah post title
Tutorial : Text ikut cursor
Tutorial : Cute font di post title
Tutorial : Icon tepi bloglist
Tutorial : Memasang wishlist
Tutorial : Background blockquote
Tutorial : Cute emoticon di post
Tutorial : Pasang button like facebook
Tutorial : Design cursor
Tutorial : Border keliling blog
Tutorial : Back to top button
Tutorial : Title bar maker
Tutorial : Cute tab menu
Tutorial : Energy saving mode
Tutorial : Disable right click with alert
Tutorial : Fieldset
Tutorial : Hide followers
Tutorial : word home, older post, new post kpd icon comel
Tutorial : Tumblr follow & dashboard button
Tutorial : Rounded image hover effect
Tutorial : Jquery tab menu accordian
Tutorial : Border post title
Tutorial : background template
Tutorial : Flash blockquote
Tutorial : Note under post
Tutorial : Combine shoutbox & follower
Tutorial : Centerkan header
Tutorial : Twitter update
Tutorial : Sidebar title background
Tutorial : Link enlarge 
Tutorial : Bubble cursor effect
Tutorial : Update box
Tutorial : Cute scrollbar
Tutorial : Shadow effect pada post entry
Tutorial : Put youtube player at blog
Tutorial : Disable right click without alert

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